WORKSHOP | How to Make Dorset Buttons

Date || March 5, 2021

Times || 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm including a break of 30 minutes.

Learn to make colorful, whimsical buttons – for jewelry, surface decoration, or fasteners for your handmade garments – using only curtain rings, a tapestry needle, yarn, and perhaps beads. Based on 19th-century patterns from Dorset, England, these buttons are easy to create and customize to match your own fiber creations.

Adobe and Chartreuse Dorset

DENISE KOVNAT | Fiber Artist & Weaver

Denise Bolger Kovnat has taught at Convergence, MAFA, and guilds across the United States and Canada. She is a member of Complex Weavers, the Weavers’ Guild of Rochester, and the Handweavers Guild of America and contributes articles to the magazine Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot. 


Denise has served as president and program co-chair for the Weavers’ Guild of Rochester. A great source of pride in serving on the founding team for the Weaving and Fiber Arts Center in Rochester, NY, run by the Rochester guild since 2001. To date, her focus has been on extended parallel threadings, collapse fabrics, and Deflected Double Weave for collapse fabrics. Using these techniques, she enjoys making garments that display her hand-dyed, handwoven fabrics. Her garments have been juried into every Convergence fashion show since 2008. In 2016, her coat “Blue Rills” received the Virginia Harvey Award for the Best Use of Color from the Seattle Weavers Guild.


Denise learned to knit and crochet in grade school, inspired by her grandmother, who knitted patterns and garments despite being blind since birth. She has been weaving for more than 20 years: Nearly 40 years ago, she spotted some looms in a studio window and knew that she wanted to learn to weave one day. Denise blogs about weaving and fiber arts at As for her tools: She works on a 16-shaft Toika computer dobby loom, a 12-shaft Macomber jack loom, a 12-shaft Voyageur table loom, and an 8-shaft Structo.

Colorado Sunset Brooch
Large Chartreuse Button
Denise Kovnat
Small Chartreuse Button

Thank you, Denise, for your fantastic visit and workshop!