The Textile Study Guild of San Diego (TSGSD) is committed to supporting textile and fiber artists, businesses, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts throughout San Diego County and beyond.

Our members consist of inspiring contributors to the diverse and dynamic fields of fiber and textile arts, helping to sustain our guild's mission of expanding the field's horizons by educating, exploring, and actively supporting others.

We are proud to offer this space to our business members, who are not only creative but also community-minded.

We encourage you to visit our members’ sites and support their businesses.

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Advocating for TSGSD textile and fiber artists and entrepreneurs since 2015


Jeanine Ertl ::

Weaver, Natural Dyer, Teacher living in the Southern California mountains. I have a small-biz online specializing in my favorites -- Modern Handwovens, Naturally-Dyed Goods, Dye Supplies, Vintage Fiber + Local Workshops at


 Doshi ::

Lives and works in Encinitas.  She creates exquisite hand-dyed clothing in silk using Shibori;  an ancient Japanese textile dyeing process. The technique uses knotting, pleating, rolling, pressing and/or sewing during the dyeing process.

Find Doshi at


Jane Lafazio ::

I am a mixed media artist working in paper and cloth. 

I hope to inspire you by sharing my own creativity with you, via classes, workshops and my blog.

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Grace Spath ::

I started Spath because I wanted to make a clothing line that not only focuses on style, but also the effect we have on our Mother earth. Organic | Recycled | Handmade



Doria Goocher ::

As an artist, I am compelled to create art using the chosen medium of the art quilt.

Contact Doria Goocher

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Valentine Viannay ::

Creator of the Painter  Genie, a luxurious faux  finish and mural company, has been serving  San  Diego  since 2001.

Opened  L’Atelier  in  Mission  Hills in 2016,  with  the  idea to be more public,  share, teach and sell art & craft and support other San Diego artist as well.


Nadja Lancelot ::

I am an artist living in San Diego and specializing in the creation of works of art for people of every generation and in every stage of life.  I have a Master of Fine Arts in scenic and costume design and I have over twenty years of experience in painting scenery and murals, designing costumes making theatrical masks and belly casts.



Nadine Spier ::

Lives in a rural area outside of San Diego called Olivenhain.  The trees on her property provide the fallen pine needles for her coiled artwork and for the students in her basketry classes. Nadine's passions are protecting nature/animals, and of course basketry. 


Louise Cornick ::

Is passionate about the art of upholstery and has recently taken it a step further with the formation of her company Upholstery Education.

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Juanita Banuelo::

Leather wearable art, inspired by México and nature.
San Diego - Los Angeles

Instagram  | JB (@jbleathercrafter)


Sylviane Collier::

" Creative life lover and felter at heart. Sculpting wool into flowers and other practical objects is my favorite thing to do. I offer wet felting workshops in San Diego county.

Learn more about Sylviane Collier

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Brecia Kralovic-Logan::

Is a passionate champion of creativity who has spent the last 40 years helping people of all ages to embrace and express their unique individuality.

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Suzanne Knight ::

Believes that the fun is in the journey. Her whimsical silk art and fun workshops reflect that attitude.

Learn more about Suz Knight


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Amy L. Morris ::

See & buy Amy's work at
STUDIO 40 AT SPANISH VILLAGE, 1770 Village Place, Balboa Park. San Diego 92101. 
Or contact Amy L. Morris

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