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TSGSD | Focus Groups are self-organized small groups within the guild that improve practices, host discussions, explore ideas, and challenges in a specific area of textile and fiber arts. These volunteer groups set their agenda, decide how and where to focus their efforts and conversations.

Our current focus groups are Natural Dye, Creative Mending, Decorative Embroidery, and Creative Weaving.

All TSGSD focus groups are reserved for members only.

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Hosts | Lisa Yoder and Sara Hayes

We meet by zoom on the third Friday of the month from 1:30 -3:00. We share our embroidery or beading projects such as crazy quilts, embroidery in hoops, clothing, boro stitching, free form beading art and more.  We chat and work together. It’s a fun time!

For more information or to join this group, contact us.



Hosts | Stacy Mann

As the Focus Group Chairperson, I hold a general Focus Group Meet Up every 4th Tuesday of the month at 2:00 pm. Please send me an email at TSGSDfocusgroups@gmail.com to receive an invitation to the Meet Up. I look forward to seeing all interested members. Bring your ideas, things to share, and your general good cheer. Stacy Mann

For more information or to join this group, contact us.

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