Martha Castillo



I am a layerist: I am fascinated by the layers of life; everyday mixtures of old and new, what is on the surface, and what is underneath. All these varied layers combine to makeup the whole fabric of our lives. Clayprinting, which is itself a process of layering to build an image, allows me to explore complex interplays of shape and color.

Art making is an intuitive process, and it is the process that holds my attention. Details that catch my attention in the world around me are often the incidental ‘snap shots’ of life: weathered walls, layers of old posters peeling off a pole, shadows of buildings and trees, leaf-stained sidewalks. In the studio, I put down a color, a shape, and look to see what happens next. I let the memory of those snapshots, plus the immediacy of the process, guide me. Clayprinting has potential for great unpredictability, I am never sure what will come through in a finished print, and what will be lost. These “happy accidents,” along with the fluidity of the process, keep me coming back.

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