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OCTOBER 16 - 24, 2020


Occupancy: $2,785  (8 Nights)

 Single Supplement: $325


Many aspects of Frida Kahlo have been studied, pondered and admired. From her art, politics, love life, travails, and many others. A singular aspect of Frida Kahlo and her identity was her dress. Frida used dress consciously in the creation of her identity. Through dress, she crafted her image, displaying her cultural heritage from both Europe and Mexico. Who can imagine Frida Kahlo without visioning her Tehuana dress, the dress, and region she most often adorned herself in, particularly for photos. But there were many others, from her “tomicoton” of Hueyapan, Puebla, her beautiful rebozos from Central Mexico, her Mazatec dress from Oaxaca and more. On this journey, we’ll explore how Frida used to dress in the creation of her identity, and we’ll travel to some of the regions and communities of Mexico to meet the artisans, who to this day continue the legacy of handcrafting ethnographic clothing, an intimate expression of cultural identity.

Program Highlights

Trip Includes


8 Nights Accommodations
Airport Transfers in/out
Includes Domestic Flight
All Breakfasts

Lunches / Dinners according to the itinerary
Expert Guides and Subject Matter Experts
Licensed, comfortable transportation

  • Explore the National Museum of Anthropology

  • See Frida's most famous painting: The Two Fridas at the Museum of Modern Art

  • Travel to Coyoacan to see her childhood home, “The Blue House” and to walk the neighborhood, she and Diego often strolled hand and hand together (and eating tacos and drinking tequila!)

  • Attend a lecture on Frida Kahlo’s ethnographic dress

  • Attend a rebozo expo-venta to learn of the iconic garment of Mexico, Frida often wore. She is seen wearing fine rebozos in many of the most well-known photos by Nickolas Muray, Imogen Cunningham, and others.

  • Travel to the Isthmus of Tehuantepec to explore this singular cultural universe and region that most influenced Frida Kahlo’s style and dress. Her mother Matilde was from this region, and the velvet embroidered “traje” suited Frida’s style and physical needs.

  • Attend a fashion show of dress from the Isthmus.

  • Travel to Oaxaca City to learn of the multiple ethnic groups and dress of Oaxaca

  • Visit artisans and markets!

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